Testimonials from my Students

Ronni's approach to teaching is refreshing, and tailor made for my needs. I am a singing teacher myself as well as a speech language pathologist and wanted some new ideas and techniques as well as the rationale behind them to further my knowledge. I have gained so much with Ronni! She is encouraging,warm and extremely knowledgeable in the voice mechanism. Ronni uses visualization among other techniques to enable me to really understand and feel what I am doing. I have learned (and am still learning) how to sing correctly without strain. I am also developing a beautiful rich head voice which I have never had before. I strongly recommend Ronni as a voice teacher to all who want to learn how to sing correctly!!!!

L.H Spring Valley,NY age 37

I'll start by saying that working with Ronni has been an amazing experience. I came to her a songwriter first and a singer, a far distant second. We started working together about a year and a half ago and when I began, I had about as challenging a voice as one can have. It was extremely frustrating because it made it practically impossible for me to perform my own songs. Since working with her, we have gone muscle by muscle at removing the tension and strain that prevented me from singing properly. Since then, my range has almost doubled and I am now more than able to perform my own songs. Ronni has an incredible ear for determining the part of the body that is either tight or being improperly used and she always has several different ways of zeroing in on that and freeing it up. Her knowledge base seems endless and my voice is consistently progressing. 

Terence, Hartsdale, NY

I have learned how to be a professional singer and performer. Voice lessons have helped me find a great career path. My voice has improved in that it has a richer sound and I have better vocal technique. I would srongly recommend lessons with Ronni. Our lessons are extremely fun and helpful!

H.M, West Nyack, NY, age 15

Ronni is an outstanding vocal instructor on so many levels. She was able to specifically identify my key areas to work on, and her approach, as she would say, is never "cookie cutter." I look so forward to every lesson with her, and take away so much each time. There is not one thing she has taught me that was incorrect - given how much singing misinformation is out there, you need to take lessons from Ronni. Period. I would need to fill pages up complimenting her so I'll just simply say she is the best vocal teacher/coach around. Lastly, the difference in my singing, because of her, has been ASTOUNDING. It has truly been a life changing experience in my musical journey. I couldn't recommend Ronni enough.

Jim Fuge, Professional Musician/Singer/Songwriter